The return to nature carries with it an increased environmental responsibility and public awareness:

Super Bock Super Rock returns to Meco on its 25th edition and Música no Coração has decided to develop a global approach to the Festival on a medium-term perspective, taking into account the environmental liability factors associated with the use of a unique natural area.

In this process, an Environmental Support Plan / SBSR was created in order to give this big event’s management the tools to ensure an efficient performance in its relation with the space where the Festival will take place and its components. For this end, we’re counting with the partnership of FAHR in collaboration with landscape architect Alexandra Cabral, specialized in landscape assessments, environmental evaluation and territory planning, she is currently assessing the Direction of Environmental Services of the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the North.

This decision had as its motto this quote by Ban Ki-Moon in a speech in Davos, in 2016:

“This year is the moment where we turn our global promises into reality. The Governments must take the lead into giving decisive steps. Simultaneously, every business must provide solutions and resources that contribute for a more sustainable World.”

The Environmental Support Plan / SBSR took into account all stages of the Festival’s structuring, from the conceptualization of spaces, resource management, environmental awareness, to the monitoring of the results which will be collected from the Festival’s significant actors. The defined structure allows us to promote the articulation between the entities with jurisdiction in the Festival area, the alignment of the sponsors and partners, the orientation of all the staff involved in the assembly and monitoring of the Festival as well as the connection with the local community.

In terms of the timeline, The Environmental Support Plan / SBSR is a process, having its initial moment in the 2019 edition and it will focus on improving every year, which will greatly contribute to the expected interaction between every intervenient, including the Festival’s audience.

The Environmental Support Plan / SBSR’s performance evaluation will be carried out until the end of November 2019, so that the plan to be adopted in 2020 is prepared before hand.

•Dry composting toilets, similar to those used in large international festivals such as Glastonbury

One of the best examples of the organization’s commitment to sustainability issues is the use of dry composting toilets on the venue, which will work as a test for future editions. By eliminating the use of chemicals and water, it will be an unusual novelty for a large event in Portugal. It is an integrated system for the sustainable management of sanitary waste at events and shows.

Developed in 2012 for the Australian market, it has experienced constant improvements and fast internationalization for the European market, with hundreds of events in the curriculum, including reference to festivals such as Glastonbury.

A pleasant and environmentally friendly alternative to the most environmentally harsh chemical toilets, as it dramatically reduces odors, it eliminates the use of strong chemicals and water and has plenty more space and air, enabling efficient logistics – it also reduces on more than 60% its transportation needs, reducing carbon emissions. In addition, the integrated system ensures the conversion of solid waste into fertilizers for farm use.

Simultaneously, another of our major goals is to consolidate the network of every entity involved, ensuring the articulation between several organizations as is the case of the Sesimbra Municipal Council, Amarsul, the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry, Quercus and the Ponto Verde Society.


Quercus joins Super Bock Super Rock, aware that it is necessary to minimize the envi-ronmental impacts associated with the great summer festivals. In a partnership with Música no Coração, on the year that SBSR returns to Meco, an environmental aware-ness plan was established with innovative proposals for the whole event, aiming to analyze and act in areas such as waste production, energy consumption, sustainable mobility and the effects on local fauna and flora. Quercus will thus monitor Super Bock Super Rock, and will evaluate the festival goers’ behaviors regarding their envi-ronmental practices, in particular what regards waste production, their sorting and their placement on the appropriate places, as well as try and create some awareness to the correct separation and routing of the waste produced there, in order to avoid accumulation and waste abandonment, in particular, plastic. After the Festival, Quer-cus will identify the positives points and those that should be improved in the Festi-val’s next edition.

•Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry

The Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry, I. P. (ICNF) will be present on Super Bock Super Rock, under the motto of Sustainability. In its spaces, ICNF will disclose the importance of the forest defense against fires, as well as the protected areas of the continent and the Natural.PT brand associated, informing us about the companies that develop these kinds of services and products.

A healthy and well-managed forest is essential to biodiversity, informative material on the prevention of rural fires will be available so that the forest environment continues to be a source of life and economic development. By use of a quiz, the campaign ECONTIGO ECOMTODOS will be announced for you to discover your “place in the forest” and contribute to fire prevention.

Meco is very close to the Protected Landscape of the Arriba Fóssil in Costa da Caparica, the Sítio da Rede Natura “Fernão Ferro / Lagoa de Albufeira” and the Arrábida Natural Park and ICNF will be there to provide information on these and other classified areas.

ICNF, I. P. and Natural.PT:

The Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry, I. P., is the national authority, both for nature, forests and biodiversity conservation and their mission is to propose and implement integrated spatial plans and management policies, in articulation with public and private entities, in the fields of nature conservation, biodiversity, forests and to ensure the coordination of structural prevention and management of rural fires.

•Ponto Verde Society

Ponto Verde Society’s goals are to encourage the separation of waste for recycling and to activate good environmental practices and it will be present once more in Super Bock Super Rock, the music festival that has nature as its main stage. Whether i tis in the main venue or in the camping site area, Ponto Verde Society has some surprises and activations, in addition to the dozens of selective collection points that can be found across the festival grounds.

Between July 18 and 20, the already known SPV backpackers may be found on the concerts venue and will carry with them eco points in backpack format as well as clarify any doubts about the correct rules of packages separation. In Ponto Verde Society’s Instagrammable tent, festival goers will be challenged to show what they know on the subject.

Ponto Verde Society will then have an ecological Island installed on the camping site, with facts and numbers on recycling, placing eco points around the area so that the campers can separate their packages and waste. Ponto Verde Society has a special kit prepared for every camper with some essentials: a reusable cloth tote bag, some recycling bags and a roll of recycled toilet paper.


Super Bock Super Rock’s 25th edition will be an Amarsul EcoEvent. The “Ecoevents” program is a co-financed project by POSEUR (Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency on Resource Use) and it consists on the intervention of specialized awareness-raising teams to increase recycling at events and it includes the provision of bag holders and recoverable waste collection structures.

With Amarsul’s support and Sesimbra’s Municipality, we will implement a selective collection of waste system and the waste will then be sent for treatment and recovery.

The Festival will also have a welcome awareness campaign for all campers, dedicated to good practices in the prevention, reuse and waste recycling. The organization, by collaborating in the monitoring and evaluation of results regarding produced waste, will be positively contributing to the diversion of landfill waste.

Between July 17 and 20, Amarsul’s teams will welcome campers, deliver a Welcome Kit and collect used plastic containers, raise awareness and publicize the permanent containers’ location on the Festival grounds, under the motto: “Recycle everything, always and everywhere!”

About Amarsul:

Amarsul is responsible for the treatment and valorization of urban waste in the 9 municipalities of the Setúbal Peninsula: Alcochete, Almada, Barreiro, Moita, Montijo, Palmela, Seixal, Sesimbra and Setúbal. Amarsul annually values 459 thousand tons of waste, serving about 800.000 inhabitants. Amarsul carries out energy recovery from the extraction of biogas, producing 29GWh of electric energy, which is injected into the National Electric Grid and is enough to supply more than 7.500 families.

•The Organization and the Partners will act and encourage the people to good envi-ronmental practices.

oVitalis Waters and the organization join the ONG Sciaena on the “Mar Motto” project.

Sciaena is a national and international non-profit organization created in 2006, whose main goals are a healthy marine environment and an informed and active population in its conservation.

Sciaena believes that enjoying the sea has to be more than a hype, a phase, a season of the year... It has to be a motto for everyone! This is how the Mar Motto concept was born, which intends to use Art as a means to transmit this message in a simple, incisive, creative and action-generating way. And so the Mar Motto concept was born, with which Sciaena launches a challenge to the artists let their creativity flow and produce something to get Portuguese people to think and to begin protecting the Sea.

It is in this spirit that the Mar Motto project will be present on Super Bock Super Rock’s 25th edition in partnership with the artists’ collective Maxuxa.

Firstly, contributing to the creation of creative containers for the storage of the Vitalis plastic bottles that will be consumed during those days and later, for the construction of a work of art.

In partnership with the organization, the Ocean Emissaries will be present on Super Bock Super Rock’s 25th edition:

And if in the middle of the Festival, a seagull or a sardine or an octopus comes to talk to us about the magnificent things of the Sea where they live, the threats that hang over them and what each of us can do to protect them? This is what will happen on Super Bock Super Rock through the visually appealing mascots that Maxuxa will create, in an informal, theatrical but always factual and informative record, talking to us about our oceans and how we can all do our part in order to protect them.

oSuper Bock introduces the First Solar Powered Beer Machine in Music Festivals

Naming sponsor from day one, Super Bock continues to innovate on good environmental practices in the Festival.

Super Bock is responsible for installing a solar powered beer machine in the camping area, a project developed in partnership with SunEffects, Renewable Energy Lda., which includes a pressure drink system and allows beverage cooling in cans, PET bottles or glass bottles.

oLess plastic... It’s fantastic!

The reusable cups under the Super Bock brand are back... even those from the previous editions! In order to encourage reuse, particularly of plastic consumables, anyone who wants to take their “green” cups from the previous Super Bock Super Rock editions can take them.

Milaneza and Bogani will also set the example, eliminating the single use plastic consumables.

oLG and the plastic artista AKA Corleone are united in the awareness of the impor-tance of recycling electronic waste

The importance of WEE recycling – Wastes from Electrical and Electronic Equipment is a growing theme due to the millions of tons of e-waste that has been accumulating all over the world and whose growth, in the digital era we are living in, will continue at a worrying pace if nothing is done. Portugal is no exception and very ambitious targets have been set – by 2019 – where 65‰ of the EEA-equivalent weight placed on the market in the last 3 years must be recycled. With this concern in mind, LG has been developing a number of initiatives in recent years to support the increase in the amount of Electronic and Electrical Waste Equipment in Portugal.

Through its partnership with ERP – European Recycling Platform, which manages electronic waste, LG has been creating actions for the direct equipment collection but also for awareness in schools, conferences – the E-Waste Summit (its first edition took place this year) – or in promotional campaigns, leveraging brand communication to challenge consumers to deliver their WEEE.

Following up on an initiative like this, the artist AKA Corleone has collected some of the pieces of equipment to develop a piece with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of recycling WEEE. This piece will have an approximate size of 2x2m (cube) and it will be exhibited for the first time at the Super Bock Super Rock Festival, where LG has been present for several years.

oEDP promotes inteligente mobility

EDP wants to promote intelligent mobility and Music Festivals are the ideal pretext with the already announced Commercial EDP Camping – an action which will provide moments of closeness and sharing, never forgetting about the brand’s concerns with sustainability, allied to the bets the company has been doing in electric mobility. EDP will take ten people to Super Bock super Rock in electric-powered cars, on top of which a tent will be installed where people will sleep for the days of the festival.

oTabaqueira raises awareness for the discard of tobacco filters at appropriate sites

Creating solutions to reduce the harmfulness of tobacco products is the biggest contri-bution that a leading tobacco company can make to sustainability. This is what Taba-queira, a Philip Morris International’s (PMI) subsidiary, has been doing since 2016, transforming its business towards replacing cigarettes with no-combustion alterna-tives. Their aim is to convince all smokers, who would otherwise continue to smoke cigarettes, to opt instead for no combustion products.

As a smoke-free future is on the build, there are strategic objectives to reduce the environmental footprint and sustainable management of the planet’s limited natural resources, as well as the respect for people in its value chain, and the achievement of operational excellence.

From the hundreds of thousands of tobacco producers to the millions of consumers of their products, all of them have a very important impact on the environment. Tabaqueira is committed to continually improve everything it does to achieve the highest standards of environmental sustainability, especially in the areas more affected by climate change, water resource management, waste management and deforestation.

Sustainability is a shared responsibility. That is why the consumers, suppliers, the surrounding community and other stakeholders must all be involved in this mission.

The vision to create a smoke-free future through science and innovation goes hand in hand with the commitment to an environmentally more sustainable world.

Tabaqueira’s commitment to sustainability is transversal to their activity and environmental education has been one of their concerns, developing a series of initiatives with ONGs, municipalities and other partners. Raising awareness about their products, in particular the role and responsibility we all have through sharing good environmental practice and joint action in this area, in particular highlighting the importance of the role they can play in protecting the environment in general, and oceans in particular, by discarding filters at appropriate collection sites.

To this end, in addition to the initiatives they have been developing, Tabaqueira will carry out an awareness campaign and environmental education to Super Bock Super Rock, with the transmission of good environmental practices and the distribution of reusable pocket ashtrays, which provides better conditions for consumers to dispose of it in the trash. This action will continue throughout 2019 at a national level.

The PMI Sustainability Report can be found here