Samuel Úria
EDP Stage

On July 15th, 16th and 17th, Super Bock Super Rock returns to the dreamy landscapes of Meco, the new, yet familiar meeting point for thousands of music lovers...

Samuel Úria

The small record label FlorCaveira arrived with a bang that marked a before and an after in Portugal. Names like Tiago Guillul, B Fachada, Pontos Negros or Diabo na Cruz showed us that rock music could be sung in Portuguese without hang-ups and in an intelligent manner. Amongst those artists, there was a talented sideburned singer song-writer who seemed to have come from another era. Music lovers paid attention to this name and rightly so: Samuel Úria’s EP Em Bruto and songs like “Barbarella e Barba Rala” made him one of the biggest promising talents in the Portuguese music scene. His debut album came in 2009. Nem Lhe Tocava shows a musician that goes beyond the ballads, able to work with different registers flawlessly. Úria left his Visual Education teaching behind to embrace music with his album Grande Medo do Pequeno Mundo. Released in 2012, it features collaborations form Manel Cruz, Miguel Araújo and António Zambujo, amongst others. His third album, Carga de Ombro, came out in 2016 and it’s more like a manual on how to write perfect songs. Tracks like “Ei-lo” (with Selma Uamusse), “Carga de Ombro” (there’s a new version out ft. Manuela Azevedo) or “É Preciso Que Eu Diminua” were instant classics. In 2020, the artist brought us Canções do Pós-Guerra (Post-war Songs in English), which reflected on a spiritual, internal kind of war that makes us look inward. Songs like “Fica Aquém”, “O Muro”, “A Contenção” or “Aos Pós” confirmed that Úria is on top form. Both

classics and new songs by the so-called Tondela troubadour can be enjoyed at the next edition of Super Bock Super Rock, on the EDP stage, 15th July.

Samuel Úria

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