Super Bock Stage

As a kid, he would memorize Eminem and Jay-Z’s lyrics barely understanding its meaning; today he stands as one of the main Portuguese hip-hop artists. ProfJam has always liked to rhyme and started recording them around 2008. As a newcomer in 2014, he was taking the lead in the Knock Out League and that talent has proved itself once again with the release of his mixtape “The Big Banger Theory”. In March 2016 he created his own label, Think Music Records accompanying the release of his latest work, “MIXTAKES”, a mixtape marked by the success of his single “Queq Queres”. After finishing a degree in production and music engineering in London at the SAE (School of Audio Engineering), ProfJam came back to Portugal and has been shining in the best national stages since. In 2017 he released the single “Xamã” with over 2 million views on YouTube and “Mortalhas”, with over 900 thousand views. ProfJam is now preparing a new phase in his career as his latest collaboration with producer Lhast already shows. Songs like “Água de Coco” are a sign for what’s to come this year in the Super Bock Stage, on July 20.

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