Super Bock Stage

It all began in the Parisian suburbs when vocalist Thomas Mars, bassist Deck D’Arcy and guitarist Christian Mazzalai decided to make a garage band, like many other young group of friends in the mid 90’s. Soon after this, Mazzalai’s brother, guitarist Branco, also joined the band. They began by playing Prince and Hank Williams covers in Parisian pubs, still without the Phoenix signature. The name only came a few years later, when the first singles were released, at a time when they were divided between punk rock and krautrock. The band was still searching for their identity when they released the single “Heatwave”, aesthetically close to the 70’s disco scene. This was the way to go: gather many sonorities and create a Phoenix language. Their first album saw the light of day in 2000. “United” features the participations of family and friends, including Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) and Philippe Dar (Cassius). “Alphabetical” (2004) and “It’s Never Been Like That” (2006) followed but it was only with the release of “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” in 2009 that Phoenix would rise to the top. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is still singled out as the band’s masterpiece and one of the best albums of the last ten years. “1901”, “Lisztomania” or “Countdown” stayed in everyone’s hearts around the world. It is never easy to continue to blow everyone away after a masterpiece but Phoenix continued to test their limits on the following albums, “Bankrupt!” (2013) and “Ti Amo” (2017) - experimentation, oriental echoes, the 70’s, some really well mastered synths… Save the date! July 19, Super Bock Stage, in Super Bock Super Rock.

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