Pedro Mafama
LG by Rádio SBSR Stage

A 18, 19 e 20 de julho, o Super Bock Super Rock regressa ao cenário idílico junto à praia do Meco, o novo, mas já familiar ponto de encontro para milhares de amantes de Música..


Pedro Mafama gew up between Anjos and Graça. In other words, he spent his high school years immersed in Lisbon’s popular neighbourhoods. He did an internship with Enchufada and accompanied Buraka Som Sistema, selling t-shirts… He studied Fine Arts in college and lived in Brussels for a year in the Moroccan district of Molenbeek. In 2017, he restarted to make music regularly after a break to finish his studies. He started by uniting the sonorities and aesthetics of the beats/Lisbon kuduro with American trap and drill, even ending up being influenced by fado… In May 2018, he released the EP “TANTO SAL” where he brings together all of his experiences and sound influences. In this EP, there are fados about exaggerated nights and broken hearts, always auto-tuned, accompanied by Portuguese guitars playing arabesque melodies…

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