Oliver St.Louis
EDP Stage



On July 18th, 19th and 20th, Super Bock Super Rock returns to the dreamy landscapes of Meco, the new, yet familiar meeting point for thousands of music lovers...


With his family heritage spanning from Camarões and Haiti, Oliver was born in Washington D.C. and spent most of his childhood in UK’s countryside. Growing up like that, he has assimilated several musical influences, listening to different genres, from hip hop and R&B to the emblematic British rock, sprouting from the garage next door. The passion for music was always there, but that didn’t stop Olivier to become a committed scientist, with a sort of a double life: While science occupied his days, music occupied his nights. With his first release in 2006, “Kilowatt” put Olivier in underground hip-hop’s map and started working with names like Hudson Mohawke, Oddisee and C2C, among a few others, but something was missing, finding his own voice. A sabatic period bought him closer to blues, rock and funk, while guitars gain space in his own life and creations, and from there a new artist has emerged: Olivier Daysoul, as he used to present himself, is now Olivier St. Louis. More personal, authentic and uncompromised, without losing that breathtaking voice, promises a re-debut album for 2018 and
an unforgettable concert at Super Bock Super Rock in July.