EDP Stage

Joe Mount, Metronomy’s leader, was not always the indie star we know today. He began by being a 25 year old young man trying to be cool at all costs (without any success), often drunk, single and without great life expectations. Good songs are also burn under such circumstances as we well know and Joe Mount has always been good at stirring up emotions in others, even when he began performing as a DJ at certain clubs in Brighton. After that, he was involved in some projects like The Upsides and The Customers but success only came with Metronomy.

“Pip Paine (Pay the £ 5000 You Owe)”, their debut album went unnoticed but Joe Mount continued to explore in the studio, committed to the marriage of electronic music and pop, practically alone and inspired by names such as Prince. “Night Out”, their second album, still didn’t match the popularity boom that levelled with Joe’s talent, which would only happen with “The English Riviera”, released in 2011. The pop arrangements in songs like “The Look” and “Everything Goes My Way” conquered the public and the critics, placing Metronomy at the forefront of indie bands making music for the dance floors. “Love Letters” followed the same path and their last album, “Summer 08”, released in 2016, marks the arrival of adulthood and with it, the courage to approach the shadows of the past, never losing the lightness that characterises them. With a big memory and attracted to the pop richness of the 80’s, the lyrics’ British irony will not leave you standing still: the invitation to dance is subtle but irresistible. “Old Skool”, “Hang Me Up to Dry” and “Back Together” are songs to remember, to dance to and ask for in July 2019, on the next edition of Super Bock Super Rock.

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