EDP Stage

L'Impératrice is synonymous with electronic music that goes beyond ready-made, predictable formulae. Charles de Boisseguin is joined by Hagni Gwon, David Gaugué, Achille Trocellier, Tom Daveau and Flore Benguigui. Together they lend their talent to this project that came to life in Paris in 2012. That same year they released their self-titled debut EP, followed by Sonate Pacifique, released in 2014, and Odyssée, in 2015. Their first works made it apparent they were extending an invitation to the dance floor without following any clichés. They enveloped the listener in an atmosphere filled with a virtuous bass sound, synthesizers that were tuned in to our memory and bright and catchy melodies. The first full length album, Matahari, came out in 2018, meeting all expectations and providing the band with the opportunity to perform at some of the more important festival dance floors across the world. Their latest work, Tako Tsubo, was released in 2021. This collection of songs reflects on a broken heart beating as hard as ever as a starting point for their music. From elation to sadness, the intensity is never lost. Audiences will surely feel that intensity at the next Super Bock Super Rock, on 15th July, Stage 2.

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