EDP Stage

FKJ (aka French Kiwi Juice) is Vincent Fenton, French multi-instrumentalist who seems to have the perfect soundtrack for various types of situations: a house party, the city of Hong Kong, a roadtrip through Australia, a night stroll through the streets of Europe, etc ... And yet, the music of FKJ does not seem strange in any of these places. FKJ is today one of the most promising musicians on the European continent.

In 2012, he edited the EP "Time For a Change", revealing an artist committed to making a cinematic and sophisticated pop. And the truth is that's what we can find on FKJ's debut album, a self-titled record released in 2017. Electronic, blues, soul, pop are some of the ingredients that made this record a hit worldwide, reaching millions of auditions in Spotify. One of the mantras for his work is the question: "Why are there borders?" For now, there is a border that gives a good answer to FKJ: the Portuguese frontier opens for his coming to Super Bock Super Rock on 19 July on the EDP Stage.

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