Conjunto Corona


EDP Stage

Conjunto Corona are dB and Logos, two of the most distinct national hip-hop characters who have united their ideas. dB is a producer and most likely the biggest sample kleptomaniac in Portugal (he sees potential in using and reusing every beat he finds) and Logos is probably the rapper with the most facets in Portugal, chameleonic in the way he delivers each song. After having released two albums, in 2014 and 2015 (“Lo-Fi Hipster Sheat” and “Lo-Fi Hipster Trip”), Conjunto Corona released “Cimo de Vila Velvet Cantina” in 2016. They wrote yet another chapter in their history in 2018 with “Santa Rita Lifestyle”, their new album inspired by the Santa Rita roundabout, “a mystical enclave at the junction of Águas Santas, Ermesinde, Valongo and Baguim do Monte”. The ensemble seeks maturity while maintaining their characteristic childishness with heavily urban, marginal and almost always psychedelic songs. Their goal is the same from the start: “no to square rap”. Save the date, July 19, EDP Stage, in Super Bock Super Rock.

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