Christine and The Queens


Super Bock Stage

She was born as Heloise Letissier but decided to adopt the name Christine and The Queens for the music industry and she is one of the strongest names in the French new pop. She has studied theatre in Lyon and moved to Paris in 2010. In a trip to London, she fell in love with drag art and it has since become one of her main influences, hence The Queens in her name. Her references are diversified and wide. David Bowie, Michael Jackson or Laurie Anderson are some of the obvious ones but Christine and The Queens is influenced by the most unusual artists in pop and even burlesque. More than just a singer and a songwriter, Christine is a full artist, one that is able to bring music, theatre, dance and a handful of other forms of expression together for her show, using multimedia and involve the audience in a unique unforgettable experience. She released her first EP “Miséricorde” in 2011, followed by another one, “Mac Abbe”, released on the following year. From 2013 onwards, following the release of her third EP, “Nuit 17 à 52”, she begins to be more and more talked about, receiving several award nominations in France. Her first album came in 2014, “Chaleur Humaine” and it tells us the story of her adolescence with songs like “Saint Claude”. Four years later, it was time for a new album, released in 2018. “Christ” has the energy of her first album but it goes even further, mixing pop, 80’s R&B and funk. Self-identity, her own identity remains the theme of this album that gives us songs like “Girlfriend” or “Does not Matter”. Save the date: July 19, on the Super Bock Stage, in Super Bock Super Rock.

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