Cat Power


Super Bock Stage

Charlyn Marie Marshall is Cat Power for the world - a world that has been listening to her songs for over 20 years. Her father was a pianist focused on the blues and her stepfather possessed an enviable record collection. These influences thrilled her into beginning to write her own songs at an early age against the advice of her parents - true music lovers who were conscious of the dangers of her passion… Her first public presentation took place in a Brooklyn pub, sometime between 1992 and 1992, already under the name of Cat Power. And from then on, one of the most interesting paths of the last thirty years in indie music began to be traced. In those first years, she met people like Liz Phair, Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and Tim Foljahn (Two Dollar Guitar) who encouraged her to record her first songs and, consequently, her first albums: "Dear Sir" (1995) and "Myra Lee" (1996), both recorded in just one day in New York, already tell us a lot about Cat Power’s artistic personality. Her talent was clearer than water and she soon received the invitation to sign with the label Matador and record what would be her third album: “What Would the Community Think”. Cat Power’s anxiety lead her to move to South Carolina and take a break from music. This hiatus was only interrupted by a nightmare, a haunting dream that was also a sort of vision for her following album. “Moon Pix”, recorded in 1998, appeared before her in a dream and it became impossible for her to reject the call. Cat Power came back and the album seemed more polished than all of the previous ones, a tendency that was confirmed in the following albums, “You Are Free”, that features songs with Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl, and “The Greatest”, probably her most successful album thus far. Her anxiety and unhappiness were ghosts that kept on hovering over Cat Power’s life and songs up until “Sun”, released in 2012, the most luminous album of her career. Six years later, Cat Power returned with “Wanderer”, recorded in 2018. This album is a kind of a synthesis of all the previous ones, returning to the formulas she knows well, at the same time that it begins a dialogue with what is being done nowadays. “Woman”, with Lana Del Rey, is one of the fundamental tracks of the album. Interestingly, both will be present in the next edition of Super Bock Super Rock, on July 18, at the Super Bock Stage.

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