Capitão Fausto
EDP Stage

On July 18th, 19th and 20th, Super Bock Super Rock returns to the dreamy landscapes of Meco, the new, yet familiar meeting point for thousands of music lovers...


It’s a simple description: “we’re a band from Lisbon”; and this simplicity is clear as water when we listen to their music. Capitão Fausto create songs that disarm us for their authenticity. Tomás, Salvador, Francisco, Manuel and Domingos wrote the first chapter in their history in 2011 with the album “Gazela” - there, we found the urgency in the youthful songs and irresistible pop hymns. In 2014, they released their second album “Pesar o Sol”, which just came to confirm their talent and our best expectations.

The third album came in 2016, titled “Capitão Fausto Têm os Dias Contados” and it is undoubtedly one of the best Portuguese albums of the last years. It’s an album with a little over 30 minutes of music and words filled with refinement, that tells the life stories of each one of the band’s members. The compliments came from everywhere and the critics were surrendered, calling them “the voice of a generation” - “Amanhã Tou Melhor” was surely one of the most sang choruses in our country ever since.

Meanwhile, in December 2017, Capitão Fausto were in São Paulo, Brazil, to prepare their fourth album of originals. Passionated about Cartola, samba and choro, they went to Brazil to reinvent themselves. “Sempre Bem” is the first breakthrough for “A Invenção do Dia Claro”, Capitão Fausto’s new album, with some Brazilian flavours.

“Amor, A Nossa Vida” and “Boa Memória” are some of the new songs that place Capitão Fausto as one of the big Portuguese bands of our days.. Save the date: July 19, Super Bock Super Rock, EDP Stage.