Calexico and Iron & Wine


EDP Stage

Sam Beam is better known by his stage and recording name, Iron & Wine. His intimate indie has conquered the most sensitive souls with his introspective lyrics and his shaky voice giving body to that atmosphere. His first album, “The Creek Drank the Cradle”, released in 2002, quickly became a lo-fi classic. Sam Beam’s music is influenced and has been compared to artists such as Nick Drake, Simon & Garfunkel, Elliott Smith or Neil Young but no one questions his original South Carolina signature. On the other side, Calexico are named after a city on the border between Mexico and California and somehow that makes perfect sense when we listen to Joey Burns and John Convertino’s music. Influenced by some westerns’ soundtracks, Mariachi music and even jazz, Calexico’s proposal is unique, without an equivalent in the American rock scene. Albums like “Feast of Wire” and “Carried to Dust” are absolutely mandatory.

So, what could seem like an improbable duet between two different artistic sensibilities has become one of the most interesting events in alternative music on the first decade of the twenty-first century. In “In the Reins”, released in 2005, every song is in its place and everything seems to make the most perfect sense. Sam Beam’s (Iron & Wine) and Joey Burns’ (Calexico) voices shape these melancholic and carefully worded songs. The melancholy that was always explored throughout Iron & Wine’s career refigures itself with Calexico’s warm contribute. Jazz, country, rock, pop and even echoes of some Mexican music, all mixed into a perfectly smooth and organic form, as if this project was formed by just one band. The British music magazine MOJO hits the target when it writes that “the desert meets the swamp” along this album’s seven songs, while Pitchfork has given the album an 8.5. For the first time in 14 years, Calexico and Iron & Wine are back together to play songs like “History of Lovers” and “Red Dust”. Save the date: July 19, EDP Stage, on the 25th edition of Super Bock Super Rock.

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