Somersby Stage

Branko is one of the big names in Portuguese music nowadays. Whoever sees him walking through the streets of Lisbon may even confuse him with a Nordic tourist. However, his reality is quite different: Branko grew up in Amadora with a lot of different people, something that would later influence his music. This was an environment characterised by social tensions which contrasted with the friendship that was being built there, the encounter with difference and a rare solidarity. All of this created Branko, who always knew how to channel his anguish and his energy into music. He’s one of the men behind Buraka Som Sistema, the project that best focused the sound of a new Lisbon. Songs like “Kalemba (wegue wegue)” or “Hangover” marked a decade of Portuguese music, showing the world a city in change, multicultural and effervescent. Despite his success in Buraka, Branko never gave up on his solo career and released his first album in 2015. “Atlas” is inspired by his trips to Cape Town, New York, Amsterdam and São Paulo. There’s a whole lot of world in those songs. In the following years, Branko opened up to the world even more as the producer of artists like Santigold, Anik Khan or M.I.A. And here comes another album, “Nosso”, scheduled to be released on March 1 this year, featuring collaborations from Sango, Cosima, Mallu Magalhães. Dino d’Santiago, Pierre Kwenders and Dengue Dengue Dengue! According to Branko, this album “is the definition of sharing and the collaboration between artists, creating and mixing different visions and styles”. We can see him and feel him live in the next Super Bock Super Rock.

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