Benjamin Clementine
Super Bock Stage

On July 16th, 17th and 18th, Super Bock Super Rock returns to the dreamy landscapes of Meco, the new, yet familiar meeting point for thousands of music lovers...


Benjamin Clementine’s voice seems to have an undisputed power over our perception of time. Whoever hears the British musician stands there between past, present and future, oblivious about the age we’re in, absorbed by the music. And
although his songs seem to be timeless, Benjamin is a man of our time. The enthusiasm felt by those who listen to his songs is just a kind of contagion of the fervour with which Benjamin Clementine dedicates himself to music. It has been like that since the time he was playing and singing in the streets of Paris.

The struggle he faced then were fertile soil for Benjamin’s art who did not let himself be dazzled by an enchanted audience, a surrendered criticism and public applauses
that go from Björk to Paul McCartney. He released his first album in 2015, "At Least By Now," introducing a sense of
theatricality to the songs, a powerful voice and a demanding poetry, influenced by poets such as William Blake, TS Eliot or the biblical text itself. The album earned him a Mercury Prize and a star was born.

He then released his second album in 2017, ”I Tell a Fly". Everything that was already outstanding in the first album prevailed and surpassed itself in the second. In this album, Benjamin plays with the song format, challenging the melodies,
whilst criticising a society lacking in values ​​and adding dramatisation to themes that really call for a true performer and not just a competent singer. And Benjamin Clementine is undoubtedly a true performer as his songs "Phantom of Aleppoville" or “Jupiter" sublimely prove.